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Coursera – Music Production Week3 – Submix Concept

Hi ! This weeks we will look at the submix concept, why you would use a submix and the signal flow involved.

What is a SUBMIX ?

A submix in a DAW is a track which receive multiple instruments outputs. Most of the time it will be the same instruments types in each submixes. This can be a bus for all your synths, another bus with all your basses, another bus with all your guitars, etc. this buses are called submixes.

Why would you use a Submix:

- For mixing: At the beginning of the mixing process you can mix all your instruments relatively with each others in a Submix, Eg: In the Guitar submix you tweak all the guitars levels and their frequencies conflicts.
Then you can mix your submixes within each others. You have one fader to raise or lower all the guitars volumes, basses volumes, synths volumes, etc. This is used to simplify the mixing process

- For applying the same effect to the same instruments:
you can apply a reverb or other effects to all your guitars with one send knob. It’s good for homogenizes the sound. This can also optimize your computer resources (instead of a putting the same plugin on each track you can put it on the submix group)

Let’s look at the signal flow involved :

I’ll show you the typical Drum submix / signal flow i use :

Here is an overview diagram of it:

Let see the tracks description
1) The group track is used to show/hide the individual sounds of my drum kit
2) This midi track host my midi drum pattern, this is the score of the drum player
3) This is the Midi VST Track which host my virtual drum kit
4) These tracks are Audio tracks and they are the individual drum kit sounds
5) This track is an Audio track and it’s our submix track !

Audio routing configuration:



On your drum VST (in this case NI BAttery 4), you have to configure separates outputs for each kind of samples. (eg: st3/4 for the kicks, st5/6 for the snare, etc.)

TRACK 4 to 10:


Thanks for reading ! This topic helped me to experience submixes configurations with other type of instruments ! I do that a lot for the drums but I don’t have the reflex for others.