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Coursera – Music Production Week2 – Perform the important editing tasks in your DAW

Hello ! In this lesson I will show you how to perform the important editing task in the DAW Ableton Live : trim, separate, crossfade, merge, grid, cycle, markers, zoom, name and color.

All this operations could be made on audio and midi clips, except for crossfade which is audio specific !
I’m working in the arrangement view for this lesson !


You can trim a clip by clicking on the left or right of the clip and maintain, then drag the mouse left or right to extend :


You can separate a clip by clicking left on the separation location then right click, select « cut » ( key command: CTRL + E )

The clip will be cut into two parts:


Warning, this option is only available to audio clips !

When you have two clips close fitting, Ableton live make an auto crossfade on them in order to avoid audio artifacts:

If you would like to see the crossfade curves, you have to right click on the track and select « show crossfading curves » ( key command: CTRL + ALT + F ) :

You can manually adapt the curves with the mouse :


If you have two clips and would like to merges them into one :

You have to select the two concerned clips with your mouse and right click on them -> « consolidate ».
The Key Command is « CTRL + J »:

The two clips are now merged into one :


When you right click on a track, grid options are present in the context menu.

There is two main grid mode in this DAW:

  • Adaptive
  • Fixed
  • The adaptive one is related to the current zoom level, the more you are zooming the more precise the grid is.
    The fixed one is more standard, with fixed values 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 , etc.

    For both mode, ternary grid is available.

    There is also an option to turn off the grid

    Exemple: 1/16 grid

    Exemple: 1/8 grid


    If you would like to loop a part of the song you have to select the part to loop :

    Then you have to click on the loop button (or Key Command: CTRL+L ) :

    And finally our song part is looped !


    If you would like to have your principals parts or song sections marked you can put a marker by making a right click on section upside the first track.
    Right click and select « add marker » :

    The marker is now visible on the sequencer :

    You can also put markers by clicking on the button « set » at the time you would like to see the marker defined :


    I can’t make screenshot of the mouse so i’ll try to explain this section only with words:
    In order to zoom you’ll have to put your mouse on the top of the upper track, you’ll see a magnifying glass.

    You have to click and maintain, then drag up or down in order to zoom or unzoom.

    There is also Key command « + » for zoom and « - » to unzoom at the selected region.


    You can rename a track by right clicking on a track :

    Then, select « Rename », put the name you like and validate with the « enter » key. ( key command: CTRL + R )

    Here is the renamed track :


    Right click on the track you would like to change color, select the color you like :

    The color is applied on the track label:

    You can color the clips of a track by other colors.

    You can change color of tracks (MIDI or Audio), clips, groups !

    Thanks for reading !
    I tried to put as visuals descriptions as I could in order to make this very precise, this topic allowed me to learn better my key commands for this functions !